What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient spiritual healing system used to treat the root cause of health issues and to assist with spiritual development. 

The word Reiki means universal life energy, which is something that runs through all living beings. This energy is also known as Ki and Prana in Eastern traditions.  

Universal life energy flows in and around the body, supporting the organs and cells. Its flow can become blocked though, which can affect the proper functioning of the body.

Blockages can occur when our negative beliefs about life and ourselves become attached and stored within the physical body's energetic field.

Reiki can help get your energy flowing again by shifting the old stored beliefs and emotions. Once the body's own energy is free to flow, the body is in the optimal environment for self-healing.  

Reiki is all the power of the universe and has great wisdom. It works with our energetic bodies for our highest good! It knows exactly where it needs to go, in what order it needs to go in and for how long. 


How does Reiki work? 

Reiki practitioners are attuned to Reiki energy and they channel this through their hands into the recipient's energetic field. This charges your energetic network with high-frequency energy which supports the break down of dissonant energy, leaving you with clear paths for energy to flow.

Reiki Symbols

Regardless of whether you're having a Reiki session for the past, present or future, all the Usui Reiki symbols are used to evoke the power of the Reiki symbols for your highest good.

  • The Cho Ku Rei or power symbol is used to activate the other symbols and to access all the powers of the universe to help you.
  • The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or distance healing symbol is used to step over time and space to send Reiki energy to you from afar, at any time (if you're having a distance treatment).
  • The Sei He Ki or the emotional/mental symbol is used to help bring your emotions to the surface so they can be addressed and balanced. 
  • The Dai Ko Myo is the Reiki Master symbol and combines all the powers of the other symbols. It's able to access the highest of vibrations and can only be used by a Reiki Master. This symbol is used to send you protection from negative energies and to help you restore and balance your energies. 

Distance Reiki therapy

A distance Reiki treatment can be performed by advanced Reiki practitioners who've been attuned to evoke the power of the Reiki symbols. During a distance session, the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or distance healing symbol is used to treat you from afar.

Reiki teaches us through the distance healing symbol that we can transcend both time and space because those are illusionary. This means Reiki energy can be sent to you at any time in your past, present or future and from anywhere in the world.

With this in mind, Reiki can be sent to you in the present moment or it can be sent to a past or future situation. When Reiki is sent to a past situation, it can help you re-frame negative thoughts and feelings so you feel more positive in the here and now. When Reiki is sent to a future event it can promote the best possible outcome within your divine right to receive, whilst relieving anxiety in the present.

What will I feel during a treatment? 

Some people report seeing colors or images, experience an emotional release, stomach rumbles, feeling hot or cold, twitching or noticing a slight tingling or pulsing sensation as the energy flows through them. A number of people said they felt a deep sense of love, whilst others commented on a lifting or flying feeling. Some people feel nothing at all but regardless of what your particular Reiki sensations are or aren't, every person I've treated with Reiki has experienced a deep state of relaxation and peacefulness; some have even fallen asleep. If this happens, don't worry, the Reiki energy still works.

What is Reiki good for? 

Reiki is good for all mental, physical, emotional and spiritual problems. It's often used to relieve pain, anxiety or depression. Some people use it for spiritual growth. 


$35 for 1 x 30 minute treatment

$65 for 1 x 60 minute treatment

$165 for 3 x 60 minute treatments

$299 for 6 x 60 minute treatments


Thank you 

Thank you for taking the time to consider Reiki with me today.

I'm a certified Reiki Master, see my certification here and here.

i'm also a registered member of the International Reiki Organization and I'm here to help you on your journey into self-healing and spiritual development. 

I hope your Reiki journey is as enjoyable as mine.  

Wishing you love, light and healing.

Michelle x

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