Reiki for Spaces


What is Reiki healing for your Spaces?

Reiki energy can be used to clear negative energy which has accumulated in spaces around you whether at home, work, your car or any other space you spend time in. Just as people can hold on to negative emotions, so can places and objects. This process is called Reiki energy field clearing and is performed to help clear and re-energize the energy surrounding your body.

A space may change in frequency which can occur when people go through extreme stress such as anger, grief or sadness. This lowers their energy and the space around them can absorb and align up with that negative energy.

Reiki energy can be used to unravel and clear dissonant energy as it beams around the walls, floors and ceilings. The distance Reiki symbol is used to transmute past energies that are not serving you. The emotional/mental symbol is used to help clear emotional trauma connected to the space. The Master Reiki symbol is used to bring forth the highest vibration possible into the space. Once cleared, the Reiki power symbol is used to amplify the Reiki energy, offering it protection. 


How many Reiki therapy sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required is dependent on the unique circumstances. One session may be enough to clear the energy however regular treatment may be beneficial if there is a continuous offloading of dissonant energy in the space. 


Distance Reiki Prices

$35 for 1 x 30 minute treatment

$65 for 1 x 60 minute treatment

$165 for 3 x 60 minute treatments

$299 for 6 x 60 minute treatments


What information do I need to provide before my Reiki treatment? 

To facilities sending your spaces Reiki healing energy, please can you provide me with the following information (where available) to

  1. A photograph of your spaces
  2. Returned Client Intake Form (I'll email you this)
  3. Returned Client Consent Form (I'll email you this)

    Thank You

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