Your Guide To Semi Precious Stones And How They Can Help You

Clear Quartz - The Master Healer

🔵 Energy Amplification 🔵 Protection 🔵 Physic Abilities 🔵 Concentration 🔵 Healing 🔵 Spiritual Awareness 🔵 Positive Thinking 

An icy beauty, Clear Quartz is believed to amplify energy, whether it be your thoughts or the effect of other crystals. This means you can take full advantage of its amplification powers to help manifest your hopes and dreams.

What if you could have that job that would give you financial freedom and the ability to really treat your family. Imagine what your life would be like if you found that special someone who adores you. Imagine how your life would change if you had a more enlightened point of view and were able to enjoy life more, without being stuck in your head all the time. 

To activate its powers, hold the stone in the palm of your hand and focus on your future goals. The crystal will then amplify your thought energy to help bring your goals into reality. 

You can also hang Clear Quartz' by a window, allowing it to absorb natural energies from the sun and moon. These, already powerful energies, will then be radiated all around you in your home, car or office environment.  

Millions of people around the world believe, this stone removes all forms of negative energy, even background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations. So, if you're feeling negative and a bit out of alignment, use Clear Quartz to absorb, store, release and regulate energy, leaving you feeling lighter.

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer because it's said to resonate with and balance your full 7 Chakra system, which is system based on Indian traditions. It especially activates the 7th Chakra though, which is the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara). This represents your spirituality and when balanced, it will give you a wider perspective on life. Other notable benefits of the stone include an enhancement of psychic abilities, concentration and memory. 

Overall, Clear Quartz is a great Reiki stone for helping to remove dissonant energy which is blocking your flow of Universal Life Force Energy, otherwise known as Reiki, Ki, Chi or Prana, within your body.

Amethyst – The Spiritual Healer

🔵 Spirituality 🔵 Sobriety 🔵 Insight 🔵 Clarity 🔵 Calming 🔵 Concentration 🔵 Intuition 🔵 Natural Tranquillizer

Next time you reach for your bottle of vino, reach for your Amethyst instead! Amethyst is a remarkably attractive quartz, worn and carved by the glutinous Greeks for belief it would offer protection from blazing drunkeness. Everyone should have an Amethyst stone though, not just the addicted!

Considered the birthstone of February, it’s available in a vibrant array of colors, ranging from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple. When used in jewelry and decoration, it can be paired with most other colors and skin tones.

In Indian traditions, it’s associated with healing the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), which represents your spirituality, and when balanced, guides your perception of reality into a higher consciousness. So whether you're just stepping out through the spiritual entrance gate, or whether you’re already making steady progress on your spiritual travels, Amethyst is your number one supporting crystal for spiritual development.

Amethyst is also associated with activation of the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna), which allows access to your truth and internal guidance system, helping you to cut through illusions and self limiting beliefs.  

Across the globe, people from all walks of life are using Amethyst as an aid to deep meditation, due to its ability to promote deep reflection on important life questions, such as, what do I want out of life and what is my life purpose? If you find it easier to meditate whilst walking, take some Amethyst with you for a deeper connection to nature and to aid clear thought.

On a physical plane, Amethyst is believed to promote a good night’s sleep. This is due it's ability to calm the mind of racing thoughts. So, if you're suffering from insomnia and spinning thoughts at night, stop fretting! Place Amethyst under your pillow or on the side table in your bedroom!

Lapis Lazuli - The Stone Of Truth 

🔵 Wisdom 🔵 Truth 🔵 Creativity 🔵 Communication 🔵 Confidence 🔵  Self-expression

This beautiful sapphire blue, Lapis Lazuli stone, is extremely sought after to stimulate wisdom through self-awareness, personal truth and spiritual awareness. It resonates with your sixth Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna), and is used to awaken your deepest desires and spiritual purpose.

Lapis Lazuli also resonates with the 5th Chakra, which is your Throat Chakra (Vishuddha), essentially your communication centre. People around the globe, use this stone to encourage honesty of the heart and true self-expression, without fear of being judged. These two things have immense power to stimulate your spiritual transformation. 

This stone is believed to attract success and recognition, which is why many executives and creative types use the stone to aid deep creativity and self-expression during public performances, such as auditions and presentations. 

Green Aventurine - The Stone Of Prosperity

🔵 Love 🔵  Compassion 🔵 Emotional Healer 🔵 Soothing 🔵 Protection 🔵 Luck 🔵 Abundance 🔵 Success 🔵 Personal Growth 🔵 Motivation 🔵 Perseverance 🔵 Leadership 🔵 

Green Aventurine, is said to attract good luck and prosperity. It's also well known to enhance your decisiveness and leadership qualities, such as perseverance, compassion and empathy.

Many people use it to neutralize electromagnetic pollution, from computers, television and other electronic equipment.

Aventurine activates the 4th Chakra, which is the Heart Chakra (Anahata), helping you to cope in times of struggle. If you're suffering from bouts of anger this is the perfect stone to help calm your energies.

For those of you with a mind full of negative thoughts, this stone stabilizes your state of mind, bringing you a peaceful energy that allowing you see other perspective and possibilities.    

On a physical level, Green Aventurine settles nausea and is anti-inflammatory. 

Orange Jade - The Dream Stone

🔵 Joy 🔵 Soothing 🔵 Insight 🔵 Self-confidence 🔵 Creativity 🔵 Sensuality 🔵 Passion

Orange Jade is an energizing stone used to bring joy and a sense of connection to the world. It's also thought to bring insight to dreams. 

Many people use this stone to soothe their minds, as it releases negative thoughts and feelings. 

When you're feeling limited by your own insecurities, Jade can support you by bringing self-confidence, helping you to see that your hopes and dreams are real possibilities. 

Orange Jade resonates with your second Chakra, or Sacral Chakra (Swadhishana), which is the energy centre for your sensuality and creativity. If you struggle with your sexuality or libido, Orange Jade can be called upon for support.   

Red Jasper - The Stone Of Endurance

🔵 Grounding 🔵 Protection 🔵 Survival 🔵 Security 🔵 Energy 🔵 Stamina 🔵  Empowerment 🔵 Courage 🔵 Self-confidence 🔵 Passion  

Red Jasper is a wonderfully unique stone, believed to stimulate 'Ki' energy or universal life force energy. A healthy flow of Ki energy is thought to be responsible for good health, whereas a poor flow is thought to be responsible for weak health.  

This stone activates the first three of the lower Chakras, the Root Chakra (Muladhara), the Sacral Chakra (Swadhishana), and the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), which can really help to develop your connection to the physical realm.  

Red Agate - The Heart Opener

🔵 Stability 🔵 Grounding 🔵 Protection 🔵 Security 🔵 Self-confidence 🔵 Self-acceptance

Red Agate is believed to encourage realism and decision-making, whilst promoting a state of peace and harmony when you feel overwhelmed by life.

This stone activates the first Chakra, or Root Chakra (Muladhara), which is your survival centre and helps to stimulate a strong connection to Mother Earth and all living beings. From a spiritual point of view, this is the foundation of your spiritual work. 

Many people use Red Agate when their Root Chakra energies are out of balance, or when their basic needs are not being met, leaving them feeling alone, stressed out, anxious, depressed or fatigued. It's at times like these, when people reach for their Red Jasper to promote the strength, energy and stamina to keep going and take difficult life action. 

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